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General Committee 2023 / 2024


The General Committee shall consist of the Officers and eight other Life, Full or Senior Associate Members, who shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting. Each Committee Member is a director of the Club for the purposes of the Ordinance. The eight Committee Members who are not Officers shall be divided into two groups of four, one group being "A" members and the other "B" members. The "A" members shall be elected at the first Annual General Meeting held in even years and the "B" members shall be elected at the first Annual General Meeting held in odd years.

This Committee (which is chaired by the Commodore) determines the general policies of the Club, controls the finances of the Club, and supports the management in the general direction the members wish the Club to head. Six of these committee members are elected to the position of Officers and carry specific responsibilities for chairing Club committees, or advising on legal and financial issues for the Club.

Period of Office

Committee Members shall take office with effect from the Annual General Meeting at which they are elected and, subject to these Articles, shall continue in office until the first Annual General Meeting in the second calendar year after their election. Committee Members who are appointed by the General Committee shall take office with effect from the date of their appointment and shall continue in office until the next following Annual General Meeting. Retiring Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election or re-appointment.


The General Committee:

  • has power to effect and carry out the objects of the Club and exercise any of the powers of the Club which are not required by law to be exercised by a General Meeting.
  • shall be responsible for the general affairs and management of the Club and the making, adding to or alteration of Bye-Laws provided always that to be valid and binding on Members any such making, adding to or alteration of the Bye-Laws shall be approved by at least two thirds of the Committee Members present and voting thereon and shall be posted on the Club notice board and on the Club's website for one week prior to it having effect and further provided that such Bye-Law(s) shall not conflict with the Articles. Any Bye-Law(s) may be amended or set aside by a General Meeting.

Access the full Articles of Association here (English & Chinese Versions)

  Please first to download the Policy and Guideline for Club Committees (Committee Year 2021/2022)


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