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Membership at Hebe Haven Yacht Club

The Hebe Haven Yacht Club was formed in 1963 as a provider of boating and yachting facilities for members but very family orientated in mind.  For this reason Club Membership at Hebe Haven Yacht Club is a very simple format and has not diversified very much in the 50 years since inception. Memberships are designed to accommodate either families or provide access to young or single individuals who are sailing or boating enthusiasts. 

Hebe Haven Yacht Club remains one of the most affordable Clubs to join in Hong Kong providing members with both marine and onshore facilities that are second to none in the Sai Kung area.

With effect from 1st July 2019.

Membership  Categories

 Entrance     Fee



   F&B      Minimum


Building   Levy



Senior Associate

$79,860 $1,223 $975 $100

If payment is made by instalments a Senior Associate Member may not become an Absent Member until full entrance fee is paid.

25-30 years
21-24 years


$917 N/A $100 Not permitted to hire marina berths, moorings or hardstands (except dinghy slot). #^
Term $31,945 $1,223 $1,290 $100

Non-renewable 3-year term. #^


(1 Nominee)

Per Nominee


$100 Note:  The issuance of new Corporate Members was suspended in May 2015. #

(18-20 years)

$7,986 $306 N/A N/A Not permitted to hire marina berths, moorings or hardstands (except dinghy slot). #^

(Under 18)

$3,993 N/A N/A N/A Not permitted to hire marina berths, moorings or hardstands (except dinghy slot).  No car parking. #^


If you are not normally a resident of Hong Kong but still wish to be our member,
please click here for more membership options:
Visiting Yachtsman / Honorary Visitor/ Ordinary Visitor





















# May not become an Absent Member

^ No voting rights


Full Membership

Following a minimum two years uninterrupted term of membership, a Senior Associate or Associate Member may apply to the General Committee to become a Full Member. A Senior Associate or Associate member applying to become a Full Member must have demonstrated an active interest in yachting, boating or in the management of the Club.  A Full Member shall have 5 votes at General Meetings. 

For application form and guidelines of transferring membership from Senior Associate to Full Member, please contact the Membership Office.


Membership by Installments

This payment method is available only for Senior Associate and Associate Memberships.

Membership Categories

Senior Associate

25-30 years

21-24 years

Entrance Fees

$79,860 $39,930 $19,965

10% Deposit on application

$7,986 $3,993 $1,997

25% Upon acceptance of membership

$19,965 $9,983 $4,991

35% Six months after joining 

$27,951 $13,976 $6,988

35% Further six months later

$27,951 $13,976 $6,988

Total 105% (With 5% Administration charges)

$83,853 $41,928 $20,964





  Please first to download the Bye-Laws

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