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Absent Membership

Member who going to apply absent membership, please read the below guideline carefully, complete the “Absent Membership Application” Form and submit to the Membership Office. 


A Member (not being a Cadet, Junior, Associate I or II, Term or Corporate Member) may, on advising the Club in writing of their intention to leave the HKSAR for a continuous period of 90 days or more, have their name placed on the list of Absent Members on payment of one month’s subscription (to be paid on each occasion they have their name placed on the list of Absent Members). By doing so they shall, for so long as their name remains upon the list of Absent Members, cease to have the right to vote at General Meetings, to keep a vessel on the Club's moorings and hardstandings or otherwise to use the Club’s facilities, save that if visiting the HKSAR, they shall, upon providing proof of their identity and their Absent Member status to the Club's staff, be entitled to make use of the food and beverage facilities of the Club and to pay by using a smart card or such other method as shall be approved by the General Committee.  They shall not be entitled to invite guests on to the Club's premises.

Absent Membership shall only be available to Members who are not residing in the HKSAR. Any Member who has their name on the list of Absent Members and who returns to reside in the HKSAR shall have six months within which to remove their name from the list of Absent Members and reinstate their Membership.  After 6 months they shall lose the right to reinstate their Membership and shall cease to be a Member.

No Member shall be permitted to have their name placed on the Absent Members list while any fees, subscriptions or other money payable to the Club remains unpaid.

A Member whose name is on the Absent Member list shall not be obliged to pay monthly subscriptions.

Absent Membership shall be renewable annually on 1st of September each year. Any Absent Member who wishes to renew their Absent Membership shall pay a fee to renew their Absent Membership equal to one month’s subscription at the rate which shall apply on the relevant 1st of September.

A Member whose name is on the Absent Member list shall, whether or not they are residing in HKSAR, be entitled to re-instate their Membership upon resumption of the payment of monthly subscriptions, and shall become entitled thereupon to all of the rights and privileges of a Member of the relevant category.

Any Member whose name is on the Absent Members list and who does not renew their Absent Membership by 31st of December in any year shall have their name removed from the Absent Members list, and should they thereafter wish to be a Member of the Club they shall be obliged to apply for Membership as though they had never been a Member of the Club, and shall be obliged to pay all of the relevant entrance and other fees which apply from time to time to new applications for Membership.

A Member whose name is placed on the list of Absent Members during the period from 1st January to 31st August in any year shall not be required to pay any amount for the first renewal of their Absent Membership.


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