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UK Sailmakers Hong Kong Match Racing Challenge Ladder

All photos by Panda Man.

The challenge ladder serves as the method of ranking and pairing up skippers for match races and providing informal intra-club
match racing competition. Challenge races are Match Races. You should familiarize yourself with the match racing format, and
rules before participating. For details, please read "UK Sailmaker Hong Kong Match Racing Ladder Intro" below, under Race Information.

Interested parties please register at racing@hhyc.org.hk. 


Race DateRace Result
Match Racing Ladder Ranking & Results (updated on November 21, 2021)Download PDF

Race Information
UK Sailmaker Hong Kong Match Racing Ladder IntroDownload PDF

Entry Form :
Race Name :
Yacht :
Sail No :
Yacht Type :
Division :
Class :
HKPN / IRC rating :
E-mail :
Skipper :
Tel :
Fax :
Clubs :
Membership No :
Single Race / Full Series :Single Race DayFull Series
I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event.

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