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Visitor Information

Hebe Haven Yacht Club warmly welcomes overseas visiting yachtsman.  The Club is located within the best cruising waters of Hong Kong with better air quality than down town it takes less than an hour to cruise to the best islands and beaches in HK.



A Visiting Yachtsman is a person not normally resident in Hong Kong who arrives in Hong Kong on board a private yacht (sail or power).

Temporary Membership is available for a period of up to six months.

Subscription and mooring fees for six months are payable in advance.

If the Visiting Yachtsman departs from Hong Kong within the six months period, a refund on a whole month (rounded down) basis will be made.

Extension of a Visiting Yachtsman's membership beyond six months will only be considered on written application to the General Committee and is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

HHYC has one visitors mooring, for a vessel up to 14 meters in length, and three Pontoon berths for visiting boats up to 22 meters in length.  Visitors have full use of the Club facilities including the boat yard.

Visitors who would like to visit Hebe Haven should give as much notice as possible before arrival, preferably by e-mail to marine@hhyc.org.hk.,  with full details of the crew, yacht, expected arrival date, length of the intended stay in HK and whether a mooring or berth is required. Alternatively you could call us on + 852 27193673, fax on + 852 27193273 or even send a post card to Marine Office, The Hebe Haven Yacht Club, 10.5 Miles Hiram's Highway, 157 Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

For full details of entry procedures to Hong Kong please go to the following link for the Hong Kong Marine Department (Mardep).

If you are unable to find the details and links, then the short version is that you must have a pre-arrival health clearance in the form of “Free
Pratique”, which you should send by e-mail to pa_rp@dh.gov.hk
The link for the form can be found here:

Under the “Special Arrangements” clause of the Immigration Department you may come directly to Hebe Haven Yacht Club, instead of anchoring at the Immigration Anchorage for Inward Immigration Clearance. On arrival, you should berth alongside the Big Yellow Pin on the South Pontoon at about 22' 21.52” N 114' 15.42”, give or take a fathom or two. If you have given us your approximate ETA in advance we will try and not have a security guard shoo you away.

After visiting the office and becoming a Temporary Member, having a shower, a drink and getting settled, Hebe Haven will give you a letter confirming your arrival at the Club and that you will be moored at this location, during your stay in HK, for the Marine Department’s record.  Then it's off to visit the Immigration Department for Passport clearance. We even give you a map to help you get there without a GPS! After Immigration you need to visit the Marine Department for Inward Clearance of the boat. They will give you a “Permission to Navigate”, which is a piece of paper you can show to any officialdom who sees you are not a Local Vessel and asks why, what and who you are.

The official blurb on clearing the boat in with the Mardep is;

“A General Declaration Form M.O.618A, together with the Certificate of Registry of the vessel, a crew list (ID 207A) stamped by the Immigration Department and the Port Clearance issued by the authority of the last port of call should be produced at the time of reporting arrival. A prescribed fee of HK$58 (US$7.44) for the arrival clearance will be charged.”

And that's that. You are then free to eat, drink and be merry as you sit in the Club writing an article for the Club Magazine, Hebe Jebe's, on your adventures in getting to Hebe Haven Yacht Club.


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