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Boatyard Services

The boatyard offers members facilities to lift boats for their repair and maintenance. Monohull boats of 8 tonnes or less will be lifted and chocked in the boatyard using the small crane while boats over 8 tonnes and up to 27 tonnes will be lifted and chocked in the boatyard using the large crane.  Whether or not to lift a boat is the sole responsibility of the Club’s management and is subject to the availability of boatyard space taking into account the nature of the boat.

The Club’s marine staff do not undertake to do any boat repairs and maintenance work as most members prefer to do their own but if a member wants to contract out the work they can.



Click HERE for the member price list that will be effective on 1 June 2024.

Click HERE for the non-member price list that will be effective on 1 June 2024.

Service Size Rate
Boat Lift by Crane (In & Out) Up to 8 Tonnes $1,175.00
  8 to 27 Tonnes $2,534.00
Boat Storage Fee (per meter per day) Sailing Yacht (Per meter per day) $61.00
  Cruiser (Per meter per day) $76.00
  Multihull up to 6.5M wide (Per meter per day) $91.00
  Multihull over 6.5M wide (Per meter per day) $123.00
Racing Wash / Boat Survey (Crane with Slings up to 8 tonnes) Per Hour $881.00
Racing Wash / Boat Survey (Crane with Slings 8 to 27 tonnes) Per Hour $1,897.00
Mast, Engine Lift, etc. Per 15mins $217.00
Mast Standing (per mast up to 60 ft.) Per Day $119.00
Mast Standing (per mast over 60 ft.) Per Day $180.00
High Pressure Hose Per 15mins $61.00



1. All hourly rates refer to a minimum of 1 hour and part thereafter.

2. All daily rates refer to per day or part thereof.

3. Reciprocal and Non-members will be charged at the reciprocal and non-member rates.

4. For enquiries or bookings please contact the Marine office on 27193673 or by email to marine@hhyc.org.hk



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